Vegan Savouries 165 Years in the Baking

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Balfours Bakery celebrated its 165th anniversary this month with the launch of our fresh vegan savouries. From July 2019, South Australians will be able to taste Balfours’  future with this tasty new range featuring:

  • Roast Vegetable Pasty (160g): packed with red and green capsicum, eggplant, zucchini, onion, potato and sweet potato. Our rustic pasty is garnished with basil and oregano and mixed in a thick tomato stew;
  • Mushroom, Kale and Leek Pie (200g): loaded with earthy mushroom, kale and leek, complemented by potato and onion in a thick mushroom gravy, seasoned with sage and pepper;
  • Curried Lentil & Potato Pie (200g): A robust and peppery lentil stewed in garam masala with potato, tomato, onion, carrot and seasoned with garlic, ginger and pepper;
  • Potato, Leek & Rosemary Roll (150g): a warm and fragrant savoury roll loaded with potato, sweet potato, leek and seasoned with rosemary, caraway seeds and pepper.

“Balfours Bakery is adored for its classic pies, pasties and sausage rolls but as consumers’ tastes evolve, we need to also,” said Erik de Roos, Balfours Bakery – Chief Marketing Officer.

Our heritage listed frog cake, famous square pie, loved choccy donut and iconic custard tart remain legends within the bakery but our new range of vegan friendly savouries will meet demand from South Australians keen to experiment with different flavours and textures.

“We’re seeing people wanting to experiment with different flavours and tastes. So, from that perspective, there will be a lot of people who love a meat pie who will also try a mushroom, kale and leek pie or a roast vegetable pasty in rich tomato stew, said de Roos”

The new vegan line will be available in mid-July.