Balfours New Café Style Cookie

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Balfours Bakery is proud to release our latest range of café style cookies with no artificial flavours and colours. The sweet and crumbly cookies pay homage to Balfours Bakery’s founding ‘steam biscuit’ while ensuring a product perfectly suited for modern café culture. Our sweet, crumbly cookies will be available state wide in all good independent retailers from May.


  • Apricot & Almond – A crumbly cookie packed with tart apricot and delicately balanced with almond pieces.
  • Choc Chip – A crumbly cookie packed with white and dark choc pieces.
  • Date & Caramel – A crumbly cookie packed with date chunks and baked with a sweet caramel flavour.
  • Dotty – A playfully coloured cookie dotted with hard coated choc pieces.
  • Double Choc – A rich and crumbly cookie loaded with milk choc and while choc chunks.
  • Fig & Walnut – A crumbly cookie loaded with sweet fig and nutty walnut pieces.
  • Ginger & Coconut – A crumbly cookie loaded with generous ginger pieces complemented by shredded coconut.