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Baking since 1853, Balfours is loved for its premium and authentic recipes, offering an extensive range of high quality savoury and sweet bakery products that are suitable for all types of occasions. From our golden flaky crusts to our sweet yeast pastries, the Balfours baked range will delight the taste-buds during every bite.

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Balfours has a longstanding history of actively engaging with National and local South Australian community groups and sporting clubs. Through various sponsorship programs, Balfours has been able to support and help develop a variety of sporting clubs both within the community and on a National level.

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Delicious side dishes to complement the Balfours range.

Turn a quick snack into a delicious convenient meal. Pairing a Balfours product with a quick and easy side dish, will help make meal time a breeze to prepare and a delight for the family to eat.

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1853All hail the first Balfours pie!

The origin of Balfours can be traced back to 1853 when the Calder family immigrated to Adelaide, South Australia, quickly establishing themselves as the State’s premier bakers and confectioners. In the early months of that year the couple established a small bakery at 130 Rundle Street, Adelaide.

1867The rise of an icon.

Balfours HistoryBalfours History

With business booming, the Calder’s took over the Steam Biscuit Factory in Twin Street, Adelaide before opening a second shop at 43 Rundle Street. Soon after, James Calder enlisted the help of his nephew John Balfour and began operating the bakery as Calder & Balfour.

1914A tradition of success.

Balfours HistoryBalfours History

In 1914, with the bakery in full swing, Balfours shifted their focus to cake shops, cafes and tearooms. In recognition of the significant contribution of their Chairman, Charles Wauchope, the company was re-registered under the name ‘Balfour Wauchope Pty Ltd’.

Over the next 80 years the popularity of Balfours spread and baking facilities were expanded to support growth.

2001Tough times.

Balfours HistoryBalfours History

Keen to ensure the continued success of Balfours during challenging times, the South Australian Government provided funds to acquire a new factory for the iconic brand at Dudley Park. After relocating, the facility was leased back to Balfours and still remains the home of Balfours in South Australia.

2008Rescuing Balfours.

With Balfours still struggling, a family owned South Australian food manufacturer purchased the iconic bakery. This takeover meant the survival of a much loved brand and the continuing distribution of Balfour’s traditional baked savoury and sweets throughout convenience stores, sporting venues, schools and supermarkets.



2014Refreshing the Brand.

From the long-lingering memory of having a Balfours treat all to yourself as a child, to the grown-up pleasure of some precious ‘me time’ with a tasty Balfours product. The Balfours brand continues to inspire a feeling of joy and comfort, this being encompassed in a refresh of the brand’s positioning. ‘Balfours, baking people happy since 1853’.